About us | Mandalasvg.com

About us | Mandalasvg.com

Who We Are:

Mandalasvg.com offers millions of unique designs for all your project needs. We offer our designs in multiple formats, such as Svg, Dxf, Png, Pdf, Eps, Ps, Jpg and many more. Mandalasvg.com designs have helped mom and pop business all around the world. Bring the cost down so that your business can flourish in any market conditions. All designs include commercial free license on physical items. Furthermore, business have seen an astonishing increase in their sales, with new designs arriving daily on www.mandalasvg.com helping you keep your customers coming back to your business with fresh new designs. Grow your business, grow your sales and grow your reach around the world with the help of mandalasvg.com.

How We  Are Able To Offer Bargain Prices:

Mandalasvg.com is able to offer every customer a unique design with the freedom to use the image in any medium, any format any shape or form at a bargain cost with the commercial license. We are able to offer this fantastic service to our customer, with the help of our AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm called Quantum Line Factorial Process (QLFP Algorithm) that we have created. With the use of super computers we are able to create millions of unique vibrant, fresh designs daily.  Helping customers and business find the best designs that fits their needs. The QLFP Algorithm constantly adapts to changes, trends, human behavior, products sold and events to create designs that are always unique, trending and in style. QLFP Algorithm learns and becomes better with every new purchase that is made, shared, liked or tweeted, helping reduce the learning curve of the algorithm to create if more spectacular designs.

To the Future:

2018 was a great start for Mandalasvg.com we are happy seeing how QLFP Algorithm has grown, the designs it produced and the community it has created. We cannot wait what 2019 will bring, what designs will be created, what choices QLFP Algorithm will make. Even more, we are very pleased and anxious to share with everyone that we have four new algorithms coming out in 2019 that are based on specific personalities to create beautiful designs. The first one we are able to share with you is the Punk Rock QLFP algorithm whose personality is based on 80’s nostalgia designs. The initial designs look astonishing what the algorithm has designed.

If you have any question please email use bellow and we will contact you within the next 24 hours.